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Flat Roof Moisture Survey

One of the most cost-effective parts of a maintaining a commercial flat roof is to include a routine infrared roof surveying.  

The average life of a commercial flat roof has been estimated at 15 years.  However, leaks on roofs often develop after only a few years which allows water to seep into the insulation under the roof overlay.  Once water enters a flat roof system, it can remain undetected for years degrading the integrity of the roof.  Your roof could have leaks for years before it becomes apparent in the building. 

Why Are Flat Roof Leaks Hard to Find?

Why Flat Leaks Happen.webp

How Do Flat Roof Surveys Work?

During Day

During Night

During Day.webp
During Night_edited.png
During Night_edited.png
During Night_edited.png

We come in during the evening to create a map of the entire roof and mark all identified issues:


of Flat Roof Surveying

  • Identify problem areas for repair

  • Find leaks in your roof

  • Pinpoint areas of potential mold growth

  • Reduce energy cost

  • Non-evasive


  • Replace only damaged areas - not entire roof

  • Improved planning and  budgeting

  • Minimize moisture damage

  • Help the environment

  • Unbiased reporting

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