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Electrical Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection

Excessive heat generated by an electrical or mechanical device is normally a by-product of another issue like loose terminal connections, corroded wires, poorly greased or failing bearing, etc. An electrical infrared inspection identifies potential problem areas that need further investigation to improve the safety and efficiency of electrical equipments, building structures and other apparatus. Some of the many objects that an be scanned are transformers, electrical switchboards, transmission lines, circuit breakers, fuses, and switches. Through scanning of such objects it will be possible to lessens the chances of risks and therefore lessen insurance premiums. Components of the equipment can be scanned such as motors, bearings, rollers, belt alignments and many more. The utmost advantage of thermal imaging detection though is that it allows maintenance personnel to investigate the faulty area before it even causes a problem. An electrical infrared inspection is the first step in a comprehensive predictive maintenance program.



  • Prevent catastrophic failures

  • Reduce repair costs

  • Decrease down time

  • Increase equipment life

  • Lower insurance premium

  • Increased profit

Electrical Infrared Inspection Benefits

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Annual Infrared Electrical Inspection Should be done of all Commercial Facilities

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70B §11.17.5 suggests that every commercial and industrial building in the United States should have an electrical IR (infrared) survey at least once a year.

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Need an Infrared Electrical Inspection Done?

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Infrared electrical inspections should be done annually to improve safety, reliability and reduce downtime.  Loose or corroded connection happen over time, before electrical components get to a point of melting down or starting on fire they can be identified during an infrared electrical inspection.

Northgate Recommends An Infrared Electrical Inspection Done Every Year.

During an infrared electrical inspection this image was taken was of a neutral wire that is at 365 F!  Notice what is supposed to be a white wire is now charred black and some of the insulation is burnt off.


This is a fire waiting to happen!  Yes, this issue is visible and did not need infrared to see it, but with an annual infrared electrical inspection we open up the panels and look.  Before this inspection this panel had not been open in years! (This was found on the clients first infrared inspection.)

Northgate Energy Solutions and Thermal Imaging can help you get started protecting you facility
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Predictive maintenance is where most forward thinking manufacturing facilities want to be with their maintenance departments.  Northgate Energy Solutions and Thermal Imaging offers a variety of cost saving services related to predictive maintenance for these facilities.  The main services offered revolve around mechanical and electrical infrared inspections, both on a yearly and quarterly basis.  By providing a yearly electrical infrared inspection, issues can be identified and corrected preventing possible unpredictable downtime or even a catastrophic fire.  Savings from this service can be realized by reduction in downtime and possible deduction in insurance premiums.  On a monthly or quarterly basis a infrared scan can be done on motors, pumps, drive trains and bearings in order to predict failure using excessive heat as an indicator.  Northgate is a thermal imaging company located in Fargo, ND that cares about assisting its clients with the most effective allocation of it maintenance effort.
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