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Fire Risk Reduction

How is your business affected by a fire?

Many things are covered by insurance after a fire, but have you thought of what is not?

  • Loss of life

  • Out of work employees

  • Increased insurance premium

  • Loss of business files

  • Loss of client information

  • Inability to serve clients

  • Loss of clients

  • Loss of revenue

  • Decreased production

  • Relocation Issues

  • Stress

Improving Your Facility

Are you concerned about a possible electrical fire at your facility?


Do you have an older building where the electrical systems need checking?


Does your insurance company give a discount for having a thermal scan done?


If you answered “Yes," we can help!

Many fires in commercial facilities are electrical in nature - and can be prevented!

 Excessive heat generated by an electrical or mechanical device is normally a by-product of another issue: loose terminal connections, corroded wires, poorly greased or failing bearings, etc.  Northgate helps you "aim your effort" by identifying potential problem areas that need further investigation to improve the safety and efficiency of electrical equipment, building structures, and other apparatus.

Some of the many objects that can be scanned are transformers, electrical switchboards, transmission lines, circuit breakers, fuses, and switches. Through scanning of such objects, it is possible to lessen the chances of risks and, in turn, lessen insurance premiums. 

Components of your equipment can be scanned such as motors, bearings, rollers, belt alignments and many more.  The utmost advantage of thermal image detection though is that it allows maintenance personnel to investigate the faulty area before it even causes a problem.  

Thermal imaging  is the first step in a comprehensive predictive maintenance program.


What can we inspect?

Electrical Equipment

  • Primary power source

  • Switchgear

  • Transformers

  • Low voltage installations

  • Fuse panels

  • Motor control centers (MCC)

  • Electrical cabinets

  • Primary power source

  • Switchgear

  • Transformers

  • Low voltage installations

  • Fuse panels

  • Motor control centers (MCC)

  • Electrical cabinets

Mechanical Equipment

  • Heating Systems

  • Motors (overheating bearings, misalignment, overheated windings)

  • Pumps (overheated connections, fuse problems, overloaded electrical cables etc)

  • Process valves (open, closed, leakage)

  • Storage tanks (sludge levels)

  • Pipelines (check if and where there are anomalies, for example locate build up of scale etc)

Building Envelope

Predictive maintenance is where most forward thinking facilities want to be with their maintenance department.  Northgate Energy Solutions and Thermal Imaging offers a variety of cost saving services related to predictive maintenance for these facilities.  The main services offered revolve around thermal imaging, normally on a yearly basis.  By providing a yearly electrical scan issues can be identified and corrected preventing possible entire building downtime or even catastrophic fire.  Savings from this service can be realized by reduction in downtime and possible deduction in insurance rate.  Northgate is a thermal imaging company located in Fargo, ND that cares about assisting its clients with most effective allocation of its maintenance effort. 

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