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Water Leak Detection

Thermal Imaging is a very effective way to find the water leak that other methods cannot find.

Leak Finding
If you have a water leak that you can't figure out, let us help.

Double Check

Once we locate what we believe is water in our images we verify our findings with one of two moisture meters.  One is the standard probe type meter which is very common in the industry.  The other meter is very different and not common.  Without physically damaging the wall our second meter can "see" up to 4 inches into your wall to identify water intrusion.  This means we can verify water below the surface without damaging your wall or ceiling.  This meter will also work with vinyl siding where poking holes would be a very bad thing.


Unbiased Reporting

Because we only help you find the source of the leak and do not do any repairs you can have trust that we have your best interests at heart.  We are not trying to sell you repair services with our report which gives us no reason to misguide you.

Many times when water is found in a home or facility it is not obvious where it is coming in the building.  We give you a place to "aim your efforts" so you can focus on the real place water is coming in instead of focusing on where the water is found.

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